Yowzzer connects you with a pool of motivated buyers actively searching for homes and pre-approved for financing. Leads You Deserve! 

Keep your leads from your Listing!
Agents, take your business to the next level with Yowzzer!

  • Instant Alert Notification
    Agents receive alerts of potential buyers viewing their listings.
  • Stay Organized & Manage Clients Like A Pro                                       Our CRM system keeps you on top of your business and client needs. Schedule appointments, track tasks, and access communication history – all in one place.
  • Showcase Your Services & Attract Your Ideal Clients
    List your properties, highlight your services (buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, relocation specialist, etc.), and get discovered by buyers and sellers seeking your commission rate.

Listing Agents, Why Partner with Yowzzer?

  • ​Highlight Seller Incentives/Transparent Commission Communication: In today’s changing market, Yowzzer allows you to clearly showcase your sellers’ willingness to  offer a competitive commission to buyer agents. This transparency attracts motivated agents who are eager to work with you and secure the best deal for their clients.​
  • Reach Pre-Approved Buyers: Yowzzer connects you with a pool of motivated buyers actively seeking homes and pre-approved for financing.​
  • Enhanced Visibility: Showcase your properties on our agent directory and gain maximum exposure to a wider audience of potential buyers. Keep the leads from your listing.​
  • Streamlined Tools: Utilize Yowzzer’s innovative tools like video conferencing and e-sign for efficient communication and faster closings.

Buyer Agents, Why Partner with Yowzzer?​

  • ​Pre-Approved Leads: Stop wasting time with unqualified inquiries. Yowzzer connects you with motivated buyers actively seeking homes and pre-approved for financing. ​
  • Cash-Back Advantage: Yowzzer’s cash-back rewards program incentivizes buyers to choose you. Watch client satisfaction soar as you secure them significant savings on closing costs.​
  • Transparent Commissions: Easily identify listings where sellers are offering commissions to buyer agent brokers.​
  • Agent Directory Listing: Showcase your expertise and attract potential clients searching for a buyer agent.​
  • Membership Options: Consider a premium membership for exclusive benefits like video conferencing and e-sign technology, further enhancing your client experience.

Choose the Membership Plan that Fits Your Needs:

​Pay-Per-Listing: Get started with options for 3 listings per month, including a splash page , Essential CRM and lead capture for each listing. Ideal for occasional sellers or agents just starting out. ($19.99 for 3 listings)​

Monthly Plans: Pay a flat monthly fee ($49.99) for unlimited listings, FULL CRM access, a splash page, and leads.​

Exclusive Signature Plan: Dominate your market with Yowzer’s pre-approved leads program: unlimited listings, FULL CRM access, video conferencing, E-sign, a splash page, AND top listing priority in your area – all for just $99.99 

Stand Out & Reward Your Clients With Yowzzer Rewards

Simple Participation:​

  • Join Yowzzer reward community by contributing a small portion of your commission – just $300 – which becomes a credit your clients can earn towards closing costs.
  • This credit is only awarded upon successful transaction closing. This ensures both buyers and sellers are committed to the process before the credit is applied.​

How Buyers & Sellers Earn Rewards:​

  • Buyers and sellers can earn up to $300 each by completing activities on Yowzzer, like scheduling tours, completing applications, or getting pre-approved with a lender.
  • Your maximum contribution is capped at $300 per client, based on their total earned rewards.
  • Yowzzer handles the credit administration, so you can focus on building relationships and closing deals.​

Key Benefits for You:

  • Stand Out: Attract cost-conscious clients(seeking the full yowzzer rewards advantage) with this unique value proposition.
  • Maximize Client Rewards: Offer your clients the highest cash back and reward programs available on Yowzzer, setting yourself apart from the competition. ​
  • Increase Loyalty: Reward your clients, fostering stronger relationships and repeat business.
  • Close More Deals: Appeal to clients seeking a more affordable real estate experience.
  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Be at the forefront of the future of real estate with Yowzzer’s innovative platform and rewarding approach.

Our rewards program incentivizes consumers to use partner vendors, creating a one-stop-shop for all your lead generation needs.

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