Agent Tasks

Thank you for being part of our lead management system. Here’s a clear guide on how to handle leads effectively:




Lead Alert: You will receive an alert as soon as a new lead is available in your portal.

Response Time: Your goal is to reach out to the customer within 30 minutes of receiving the lead. Promptness is crucial in converting leads into potential customers.

Contact Method: Review the lead details to determine the preferred contact method. If the lead specifies a preference (e.g., call or text), follow their chosen communication channel.

Attempt to Contact: Make a sincere effort to contact the lead using the chosen method. If you can’t reach the lead during the first attempt, consider trying again after a short while.

Update Portal: In case you are unable to reach the lead, please update the status in the portal to reflect the unsuccessful contact attempt.

Successful Contact: When you successfully get in touch with the lead, mark the interaction as completed by clicking the “Lead has been contacted” button in the portal. This will help the team to keep track of the lead’s progress.


NURTURE: Please provide bi-weekly updates on the lead’s progress. If there are no changes from the last update, you can simply state that the status remains the same.


OFFER: Once an offer has been made and accepted by the seller.


CLOSE: This will prompt us to prepare all necessary documentation and ensure a smooth closing process.

 Remember, being proactive and responsive plays a vital role in maximizing the potential of each lead. Let’s work together to create positive customer experiences and drive business growth. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us.


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