Spotlight Your Listing: Stand Out on the Yowzzer Homepage!


Stand out from the crowd and showcase your hottest listings! Elevate your listing to Featured Status and grab the attention of potential buyers right from the Yowzzer homepage!​

What is Featured Status?

Featured Status puts your listing in a prominent position on the Yowzzer homepage, showcasing it to a large audience of active homebuyers. This prime placement ensures your property receives exceptional visibility, potentially leading to a faster and more successful sale.​

Why Choose Featured Status?

  • Increased Buyer Exposure: Get your listing seen by thousands of potential buyers browsing the Yowzzer homepage.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Stand out from the competition with a premium placement on the homepage.
  • Generate More Leads: Attract serious buyers actively searching for properties in your area.
  • Faster Sales: Increased visibility can lead to more inquiries and potentially a quicker sale.

Limited Availability & Exclusive Benefits (10 Featured Listings per Day)

To ensure maximum impact for our featured listings, we limit the number of available slots to only 10 per day. This exclusivity guarantees your property receives prominent placement and targeted buyer attention.

​Cost & Duration:​

You can secure Featured Status for your listing for a competitive price of $25 per day. This investment provides exceptional value, potentially leading to a faster sale and maximizing your return.

How to Feature Your Listing:

​Featuring your listing is easy! Simply log in to your agent dashboard and select the “Upgrade to Featured” option for your desired listing. You can choose your preferred duration (1 day or up to a maximum of 7 consecutive days).​

Start getting noticed today! Contact your Yowzzer agent or upgrade through your dashboard to secure your Featured Listing spot!

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