Buyers Incentives

Unlock benefits as a buyer:

•  Earn money towards closing costs (appraisal, inspection, survey)

•  Earn $20 to tour homes listed (Earn up to $200, capped at 10 homes) 

•  Earn rewards points 

• Lender covers up to 1% of the purchase price as a portion of closing costs (based on loan amount) 

Covered by Lender under closing costs.

Covered by Lender under closing costs.

Overview: Yowzzer introduces a Home Viewing Reward Program to incentivize homebuyers for actively participating in the home viewing process with their realtor.

Participants can earn $20 for each home they visit, provided they follow the guidelines outlined below.

     Step 1: Contact a Yowzzer Partner Agent Reach out to schedule a home viewing.

     Step 2: Arrive at the Home Location On the scheduled date and time, physically                        go to the property for the viewing.

     Step 3: Proof of Arrival To claim the $20 reward, you must provide proof that you                        have arrived at the home location.

Here are the accepted methods:

     Option 1: Take a selfie in front of the property with the address clearly visible.

     Option 2: Capture a photo of the property’s exterior.

     Step 4: Upload Proof to Yowzzer Website Log in to your Yowzzer account.                                 Navigate to the Home Viewing Reward Program section in your portal.                         Choose the specific property you visited. Upload the proof of arrival using                     the provided upload button. Add any additional comments or feedback                         about the property.

     Step 5: Verification Process, Yowzzer will review the proof of arrival within 3                               business days. If approved, $20 will be credited to your Yowzzer account.

Note: Ensure that the uploaded photos are clear and unaltered. Multiple home viewings on the same day are eligible for separate rewards. Yowzzer reserves the right to deny rewards for fraudulent claims.

Earn Points By Doing Certain Real Estate Tasks:

  1. Receive 5,000 points upon signup = $5 

  2. Earn 30,000 points when you connect with a partner lender and apply for a mortgage = $30

  3. Earn 20,000 points when you connect with a partner agent = $20 

  4. Earn 10,000 points for feedback on your realtor and Yowzzer experience = $10

  5. Earn 10,000 points by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. = $10 

  6. Earn 25,000 points for each referral to the site when someone signs up using your link = $25

Total Potential Rewards Earned: $100

Purchase Price: $300,000

We pay out:

Potential Toured Homes Earned: $200
Potential Reward Points Earned: $100

Total Pay Out: $300 + Lender Credit (.9% of loan amount) $2,700 = $3,000

Yowzzer Rewards: Your Guide to Earning Big

Yowzzer rewards you for buying, selling, and referring on our platform! However, there are some guidelines to ensure a smooth and rewarding experience for everyone.

Full Rewards vs. Limited Rewards:

  • Full Rewards: Unlock the maximum potential of Yowzzer’s rewards program by working with a Yowzzer Partner Agent. These agents are committed to maximizing your rewards and providing exceptional service.  Minimum Requirements to Earn Full Rewards:

    • Buyers & Sellers: Both parties must utilize a Yowzzer Partner Agent, and the agent must earn the minimum commission based on the property value:

      • Property Value Between $300,000 and $700,000: The agent must earn a minimum commission of 2%.

      • Property Value of $701,000 and Above: The agent must earn a minimum commission of 1.5%.

Here’s the Good News:

As long as your chosen Yowzzer Partner Agent meets the minimum commission requirements based on the final sale price, you’ll qualify for full rewards! This means you can negotiate your commission rate with your agent, but for full rewards, the agent’s final earned commission needs to meet the Yowzzer minimums.

Limited Rewards: If the final sale doesn’t meet the minimum commission thresholds, or you choose not to use a Yowzzer Partner Agent, you can still earn limited rewards for using Yowzzer. Enjoy earning rewards through activities like:

• Accessing discounted title company services

• Accumulate bonus points by referring others to our platform

• Watching informative videos

Customer rewards are only available where allowed by state law.

Buyers Access to the Full Spectrum of Rewards: When you purchase your home with a Yowzzer Partner Agent, you’re rewarded with access to our complete range of buyer rewards, featuring cost savings and exclusive benefits tailored to your needs.  

Yowzzer recognizes that buyers face numerous costs when purchasing a home. Recent developments in the real estate market have led to potential shifts, placing additional fees on buyers. Our goal is to alleviate some of these costs. Collaborating with one of our Yowzzer partner agents provides various options to unlock the full range of Yowzzer rewards.

Here’s  How It Works: Our Yowzzer partner agents, in collaboration with Yowzzer, has an agreement to share a portion of their earnings with you, aiming to minimize your expenses. To receive these rewards, there are guidelines to follow. While commission fees for Yowzzer partner agents are negotiable with sellers and their agent representatives, falling below the specified amount based on Yowzzer guidelines may limit your access to the complete range of rewards. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy a version of limited rewards through our specialized program. The total rewards you earn through completed activities will be credited towards your closing costs.” It’s your home, and your rewards, all in one place with Yowzzer!”

Limited Buyer Rewards Access: If the home closes and has a lower buyer agent commission placed by the seller, as per Yowzzer guidelines, it may limit your access to the full rewards. Nonetheless, you will still have the option to access our fantastic specialized limited rewards program. Enjoy earning rewards through activities such as:

     • Watching informative videos

     • Accessing discounted title company services

     • Accumulate bonus points by referring others to our platform

     • Receiver lender credit towards closing costs

Your home-selling journey comes with its own set of perks and rewards, enhancing your overall experience.”


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