We request buyers and sellers to upload information into the portal for several reasons.

• It allows us to track progress  and keep all parties informed about the listing’s status.   This ensures transparency and keeps all parties informed  about the status of the         listing.

• By using the portal, buyers and sellers can also earn incentives for reaching specific     milestones, which encourages active participation throughout the process.

• Moreover, if buyers or sellers encounter any concerns with their agent, they can             easily notify us through the portal, enabling us to promptly assign them a new agent.

  Prior to closing, we will request buyers and sellers to rate their agent, ensuring that       we maintain a high standard of service quality.

• All Agents are highly-rated by previous sellers, licensed professionals, and provide a     comprehensive service to help sell your home.

• They will not only price your property, but also prepare it for sale, arrange for                    professional photos, list it on the MLS, market it to potential buyers, review and              negotiate all offers, and guide the process to closing.

You will fill out a brief sellers onboarding form and provide us with some information about your home selling goals. We will use this information to match you with a top-rated and experienced Agent. The Agent will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied with the Agent, Yowzzer will connect you with another one or make the necessary corrections.

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