We request buyers and sellers to upload information into the portal for several reasons.

• It allows us to track progress and keep all parties informed about the listing’s status.   This ensures transparency and keeps all parties informed about the status of the           listing.

• By using the portal, buyers and sellers can also earn incentives for reaching specific     milestones, which encourages active participation throughout the process.

• Moreover, if buyers or sellers encounter any concerns with their agent, they can             easily notify us through the portal, enabling us to promptly assign them a new agent.

• Prior to closing, we will request buyers and sellers to rate their agent, ensuring that       we maintain a high standard of service quality.

• All agents are top-rated experience and proven experts in helping you search for your   dream home.

• They will assist you in searching for the perfect home, from beginning to end.

• They will help you make an offer, negotiate, and manage the entire transaction                process.

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