For Sale By Owner

Are you looking to sell your home independently? With Yowzzer’s, “For Sale By Owner,” platform we provide you the flexibility to list your property for sale by owner absolutely free! While some reward features are limited for FSBO listings, choosing to list with Yowzzer’s Partner Agents unlocks access to all reward features. Here’s what you can expect as a For Sale By Owner:

• Free Listings: You can create property listings at no cost.

When you choose to list as a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), it doesn’t mean that you will miss out entirely on the full rewards spectrum that would typically be available to those who list with a Yowzzer partner agent! You still gain access to a fantastic specialized limited rewards program. Enjoy earning rewards through activities like watching informative videos, accessing discounted title company services, and accumulating bonus points by referring others to our platform. Your independent home-selling journey comes with its own set of perks and rewards, enhancing your overall experience.”

If you’re determined to sell your property independently, opting not to involve a real estate agent and avoiding commission payments to buyer’s agents, you can rely on our support. Your listing will be prominently marked as a “No-Agent Commission-Free Sale,” making it clear to potential buyers that you’re overseeing the transaction directly.

If you choose to provide a commission to a real estate buyer’s agent, your listing will be marked with a label indicating ‘Buyer Agents Accepted.

For those FSBO’s looking to maximize exposure beyond the Yowzzer platform, we offer an MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listing for a fee of $300. This enhances the visibility of your property to a wider audience of potential buyers.

In the event you find it challenging to sell your property on your own and later decide to work with one of our trusted Yowzzer Partner agents Your $300 MLS listing fee will be credited back to you upon a successful closing when working with a Yowzzer partner agent.

When you list your home with a Yowzzer Partner Agent, you unlock access to our full spectrum of seller rewards,including additional cost savings and exclusive benefits tailored to your needs.

When choosing to list your property on the Yowzzer Platform with the assistance of one of our Yowzzer Partner Agents, an agreement to pay a 2.5% listing fee and offer a 2.5% buyer’s agent fee is necessary to qualify for our comprehensive rewards. This ensures eligibility for the comprehensive rewards provided by Yowzzer in the event of a successful deal facilitated by a real estate agent.

However, if you opt to offer a reduced commission even down to $0, you won’t qualify for the Full Access Rewards; instead, you’ll have access to our specialized limited rewards program.

Please note that while a minimum commission of 2.5% is not mandatory, it is necessary to qualify for the full range of reward benefits offered through Yowzzer. Yowzzer empowers you to sell your property on your terms, offering the support and resources you require. Join our platform today and experience


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