New Mentorship Program

1. The new agent visits the Yowzzer website and clicks on the “New Agent Mentorship Program” page.

2. The agent is prompted to provide their name, contact information, and zip code for the designated location.

3. The Yowzzer portal will match the new agent with an experienced Yowzzer partner agent in the same zip code. The website sends an email to both the new agent and the mentor agent introducing them and providing their contact information.

4. The matched mentor agent will receive a notification from Yowzzer regarding the new agent’s sign-up.

5. The mentor agent will review the new agent’s profile and reach out to them to set up an initial meeting.

6. During the meeting, the mentor agent will introduce themselves and discuss their experience in the industry.

7. The mentor agent will provide guidance and answer any questions the new agent may have.

8. Throughout the transaction process, the mentor agent will be available to provide guidance on contracts and documents.

9. Upon closing a deal, the new agent will share a portion of their commission with the mentor agent. The referral fee for acquiring pre-approved leads and mentorship through Yowzzer is 50%, and the mentor agent will receive 20% of the new agent’s commission.

10. The new agent must commit to the mentorship program for one year with their designated mentor agent, giving them ample time to learn the ropes and start building their own pipeline of clients.


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