Non Yowzzer Partner Agent Listings

Homes not Listed with a Yowzzer Partner Agent

What if my home is already listed with another agent and is featured on YOWZZER? Can I still unlock and earn rewards?

Sellers who choose to list their homes on Yowzzer with a Yowzzer Partner Agent unlock the full spectrum of rewards and perks that Yowzzer has to offer.

However, for sellers who opt to work with a non-Yowzzer Partner Agent, while they can still access rewards, the potential benefits are more limited.

Yowzzer has come up with some innovative ways for sellers to potentially unlock some rewards: Here are the rewards and benefits available to sellers who have enlisted a Yowzzer agent:


 Sellers earn money for each unique online view of their home.


Enjoy the convenience of a complimentary moving truck for a day, with a generous allowance.

Receive an exclusive discount of up to 20% on title insurance premiums at the closing of your transaction.

Accumulate points by watching videos, providing an additional source of rewards.

Earn cash by simply listing your home with a Yowzzer Partner Agent. Upon successful home closing, sellers can earn additional money based on their home’s final sold price:

• Homes priced $200,000 – $249,000: $25
• Homes priced between $250,000 – $399,000: $50
• Homes priced between $400,000 – $700,000: $100
• Homes priced between $701,000 – $999,000: $200
• Homes priced at $1 million and above: $500

On the other hand, sellers who choose to list with a non-Yowzzer agent can still access certain rewards through the Yowzzer portal:

Sellers can still earn rewards by watching videos. These rewards can be funded by our advertising partners, offering an additional incentive for sellers.

Sellers can earn rewards by referring someone who signs up with our Yowzzer partner agents. Upon successful sign-up, they may be entitled to a rewards points which can be redeemed as a closing credit upon accumulation at closing.

Sellers can receive a discount on title services as long as they use our recommended title company, further enhancing the value of their transaction.

In the event that a listing expires with the non Yowzzer Partner agent, sellers are presented with an opportunity to unlock full incentives and rewards by connecting with our team. We will help them get connected to a YOWZZER Partner Agent to maximize their benefits.

In summary, Yowzzer offers a comprehensive rewards program that incentivizes sellers who choose to work with Yowzzer Partner Agents while still providing opportunities for those who prefer non-Yowzzer agents to access valuable rewards and benefits through the Yowzzer platform.


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