Renters Rewards

Yowzzer offers a unique renters rewards program that allows renters to earn Yowzzer Bucks towards the purchase of a home.

By participating in our program, renters have the opportunity to accumulate funds up to a certain dollar amount, which can be used to cover closing costs when they are ready to buy. We provide access to real estate agents and lenders through our portal to assist renters in their journey towards homeownership.

How It Works:

 Signup for a free renter’s account
 Pay your rent and earn $300 Yowzzer Bucks every month.
 Accumulate Yowzzer Bucks over time by consistently paying your rent promptly.
 Renters earn Yowzzer Bucks as credits towards closing costs based on the purchase  price of the home.
 When you’re ready to buy a home, simply go to
 Earn more Yowzzer bucks for every home you physically tour with a Yowzzer partner  agent.
 At closing redeem your total Yowzzer Bucks for cash, which can be used for closing  expenses.

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